Do you want to take your business online? Here’s how



Do you want to take your business online? Here’s how

We often get to hear people say “My business has hit the online market and it has made a huge revenue”. Some of us really wonder, we also put in all the efforts in reaching the people, but why wasn’t it a great success. We are here to help you bridge the gap between traditional marketing and digital marketing.

When we hear about taking our business online, most of us have the thought sticking into our head like “Oh man! That’s a lot of investment”. Trust me, it’s not true at all. Let’s get int the finances later on in the blog. We have taken up this blog to help the small businesses and startups get them running on the online markets

1.    What is Digital Marketing

As Neil Patel says in his article digital-marketing/
Digital marketing is any form of marketing products or services that involves electronic

This can be done both online and offline. We have pretty much heard of offline marketing quite a lot since ancient times. Let me just give a glance of offline and then we will head on to how to take your business online.

2.    Offline Marketing At a Glance

How many of us have traveled through the highways or stuck in traffic signals? Almost all of us, right. When the road is all we have got, we are sometimes struck by a picture of a stunning car that has been recently launched or a mobile. Sometimes these huge electronic billboards help us to disclose our identity to the people.

We have the commercials on the TV or those few minutes of AD during our favorite episodes of Netflix. One of the jewelries which the model was wearing catches our eye or the watch model, it can be anything. Though these TV ads are loosing its importance since they do not tend to reach their target audience, they are still likely never to go away.

There is also Phone marketing which has never been given much importance. Still we have been getting calls from random people explaining their product to us. While at roughly 3 sales per day (marketers call 52 people a day, on average, with about 17 calls until they find a buyer), it doesn’t have the scalability of social media or email, it’s still a valid approach to marketing.

3.      Simple Steps To Online Marketing

Basically it is anything you would do from your seat with the help of computer and interned to catch people’s attention and make them buy your products or use your services.

This article will help us prepare for online markets.

1. Active on Social Media

Social Media is the most hyped word in this generation. Its as simple as taking up your mobile phones and creating an account (I am sure all of you would be having a personal one). If not, never mind it’s not too late. Open a Facebook page for your business, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Keep posting your services and products. Engage the people.

We at Maxime Interactive are here to create posts for your social media page. Please visit our Social Media Marketing page for more details.

2. A Website for your business

The current generation has been so much in short of time that they never lend a ear to what we have to say. We can catch their eyes easily. All of us have a mobile in our hands and a website is an easiest way to describe what we do or what we offer to our customers.

The websites can very from static ones with basic information to one of those fancy types with animation and all of them. This depends on your choice and we have a one stop solution for all your business website needs.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Alright now that we have our website ready, we need to list them in the search engine’s results. Almost all the online experience begins with a search engine and 75% of them use Google for search. We have to make sure our website hits the top of Google’s search results through a lot of techniques. I will explain this in my next blog on how to get to the top list.

You can also reach out to our experts who can do it for you at Maxime

4. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

This is more like a paid initiative. We must have often seen the links which has ads as a prefix on the top of the search results. If you want your website to be listed as an ad posted in Googles search results Since it’s the first thing that searchers see on the page, you will get a lot of hits but you must pay depending on the keywords.

While it’s a great strategy, it only works if you can immediately recoup your advertising costs.

5. Paid Social Advertising

All social platforms have their own forms of paid advertising. They help you sponsor posts and they will display it in the middle of their pages to target users. Facebook has some of the best audience targeting options in the market. You can effectively target audiences by income, interests, job positions, and just about anything you can think of. Be it a campaign which you want to run for few days or a sales post to boost your customers, they have paid plans which you can choose as per your requirements.

6. PPC (Pay-per-Click) Advertising

As the name suggests, you get paid for every click on the ad which you create. The mostpopular PPC advertising is Google Adwords and Facebook. The ad can be a post, picture or a video. On Facebook, you create an ad that looks just like a Facebook status update.Then, you can pick a specific audience. For example, you could target women in Austin, Texas between the ages of 32 and 45 who like Jon Bon Jovi. Yes, it’s that specific. Last, you set a budget based on how much you’re willing to pay per click. Facebook will then serve your ad to your audience in their Facebook news feeds on their desktop computers or their mobile phones. You can also place ads in the sidebar. When people click on your ad, Facebook will redirect them to your page, which can be part of your Facebook fan page or any URL you define.

7. Affiliate Marketing

This is more common nowadays as people are more concerned about passive income.
Example you can put up somebody’s products on your page and for every purchase you get rewarded with a small commission. Also these referral codes have become a boon which is a great way to affiliate marketing.

8. Email Marketing

Email trumps lots of social media platforms when it comes to engagement. In fact, you’re 40 times more likely to gain a new customer through email than through Facebook or Twitter.

It is all about Directly communicating with your audience and customers.Personalised emails have become more popular these days in order to give the touch of human feel.
That means everything from using the customer’s name to referencing their history orinterests. Personalized emails deliver much higher open and conversion rates when you compare them to boring, templated emails.


We have several solutions to meet your needs in online marketing. Depending on your requirements and targeted audience we can figure out the optimized technique in promoting your business. But thanks to the power of the Internet, anyone and everyone can become financially independent through Internet marketing.

Online marketing is no different. To get ahead, you need to get started.I hope this guide will help you do just that.