Setbacks of Traditional Marketing

Setbacks of Traditional Marketing

With the slow decline of Traditional marketing which focused more on selling the products which were produced by the company, digital marketing on the other hand looks at from customer satisfaction point of view and then produce the product according to needs of the customers subsequently selling those goods to target customers.

 As with digital marketing the point is to generate more traffic to your websites, It’s purpose is to generate more leads without the customer having to leave his workplace. Everything happens over a click of a button and propagating themselves.

Maxime Interactive( is a digital marketing firm who is customer oriented and we assess the need of the customer converting their goals into our targets.

Setbacks of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing strategies have a wide dispersion across media such as television or radio. In addition, the rapid increase in Internet users is causing an enormous shift in target groups. Print media have also moved further into the background in times of environmental protection and sustainability. Traditional marketing can therefore only stand alone in special cases. As a result, the budgets of advertisers are shifting.

The costs of traditional marketing are also increasing in order to reach the same number of potential customers as with modern marketing on the Internet. In traditional marketing, communication between the customer and the company/enterprise is usually one-sided. This is perceived as negative by many customers, as more and more value is placed on entering into a dialogue with the customer.

The World Goes Digital

The way companies interact with their customers has taken some dramatic changes over the past three decades.

I believe this change was largely created by the development of the internet. The changes that have been brought with technology have forced adaptation. Especially in the way companies market.

Marketing: Then Vs Now

  • In the past marketers focused on finding customers, now marketers focus on being found.
  • Marketing used to be mass advertisement now it’s one on one engagement.
  • Marketing was transactional sales now continuous relationships.
  • Marketing decisions used to be from the gut now they are quantitative and numbers based.
  • Marketing used to be focused on demographic, now the focus is behavioural.

Marketing strategies are constantly changing because the next big thing is different and it’s right around the corner.

The bottom line is, the digital age is here, and those businesses that fail to adapt to the new marketing climate are at great risk of going extinct sooner rather than later.

We at Maxime Interactive  are here to help all those businesses to shine in the era of digitalization.

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